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National Apprenticeship Programs – Passage


Passage of the bill, as amended, that would reauthorize and expand programs and activities under the Labor Department national apprenticeship system, authorizing a total of $3.9 billion for program administration and grants to apprenticeship programs. It would largely codify apprenticeship program standards and expand the system to include pre-apprenticeship and youth apprenticeship programs. It would authorize a total of $350 million through fiscal 2026 for the formal establishment of a Labor Department office of apprenticeship to oversee the national apprenticeship system, as well as for program research and evaluation and the establishment of an apprenticeship advisory committee. Through fiscal 2026, it would authorize a total of $70 million for the Labor Department to carry out an agreement with the Education Department to support integration and alignment of the national apprenticeship system with the education system; $475 million for state apprenticeship agencies; and $3 billion for grants and agreements to support apprenticeship programs, including to expand programs in nontraditional apprenticeship industries and high-need social service industries and programs targeting individuals with barriers to employment. It would require state apprenticeship agencies and grant recipients to match 25% of federal funds received. It would establish a number of apprenticeship program quality standards; requirements for registration, planning and implementation of programs by states; and requirements for occupations to be approved as "apprenticeable occupations" within the national apprenticeship system. It would require the national office of apprenticeship to oversee such standards; establish and provide technical assistance to state offices of apprenticeship; and promote diversity within the system through recruitment, employment and retention of nontraditional apprenticeship participants, industries and occupations.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 31
Bill Number: 
HR 447
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Passed 247-173 : D 219-0; R 28-173