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Disapprove EPA Methane Emission Rule – Passage


Passage of the joint resolution that would provide for congressional disapproval of a September 2020 Environmental Protection Agency rule that reversed 2012 and 2016 rules establishing emission standards -- or new source performance standards -- to limit the amount of methane and volatile organic compounds that can be released in the production, processing, transportation and storage of oil and natural gas. Specifically, the 2020 rule rescinded the methane-specific standards and rescinded the applicability of all standards to transportation and storage activities. The rule also required the EPA, before promulgating new air pollutant standards, to determine that the pollutant causes or contributes significantly to dangerous air pollution. The rule took effect on September 14, 2020. Under the provisions of the joint resolution, the 2020 rule would have no force or effect, and the Obama-era emission standards would be effectively reinstated.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 185
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Vote Results: 
Passed, (thus cleared for the president), 229-191 : D 217-0; R 12-191