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Surface Transportation and Water Infrastructure Authorization -- En Bloc Amendments


Adoption of the DeFazio, D-Ore., en bloc amendments no. 4 including 38 amendments to the bill that would, among other provisions, add an electric vehicles division to the bill that would authorize over $7 billion annually through fiscal 2026 for activities related to electric vehicle infrastructure, access and manufacturing; establish an independent nonprofit known as the Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator to facilitate the deployment of emissions reduction technologies, requiring the Energy Department to transfer $50 billion to the accelerator upon its establishment and $10 billion annually for the subsequent five-year period; increase by $1 billion the amount authorized annually through 2026 for passenger rail improvement, modernization and expansion grants established by the bill; require the Transportation Department to establish a climate-safe infrastructure working group to examine and make recommendations on how to integrate scientific data regarding the projected impacts and risks of climate change into federally funded infrastructure activities; and permanently authorize the Historic Preservation Fund and increase to $300 million annual funding authorized for the fund.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 203
Bill Number: 
HR 3684
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Adopted 221-187 : D 219-0; R 2-187