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Surface Transportation and Water Infrastructure Authorization -- En Bloc Amendments


Davids, D-Kansas., en bloc amendments no. 5 including 26 amendments to the bill that would, among other provisions, authorize $2.6 billion for the Health and Human Services Department to award additional funding under the Sanitation Facilities Construction Program to design and improve water, sewer and solid waste sanitation facilities funded by the Indian Health Service; authorize $200 million annually through fiscal 2026 for nonpoint source pollution management grant programs; authorize $200 million annually through fiscal 2026 to assist community water systems in educating and assisting communities in adapting and responding to "malevolent acts" and natural hazards that affect drinking water supply; and require the EPA to review the status of efforts to reduce or eliminate the potential human health impacts from exposure to radiological contamination in the vicinity of Coldwater Creek in North St. Louis County, Mo., and install signage to inform residents of potential exposure risks.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 205
Bill Number: 
HR 3684
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Adopted 217-199 : D 215-0; R 2-199