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Keystone XL Pipeline -- Public Land Limits


Fischer, R-Neb., amendment no. 18, as modified, to the Murkowski, R-Alaska, substitute amendment no. 2. The Fischer amendment would limit the designation of new federally protected land. It would require the Interior secretary to consider whether the new protected land would have a negative impact on the administration of existing protected lands and that sufficient management resources are available. The amendment would not apply to congressionally-designated protected land or land acquisitions authorized by Congress. The substitute amendment would immediately allow TransCanada to construct, connect, operate and maintain the pipeline and cross-border facilities known as the Keystone XL pipeline.

Note: By unanimous consent, the Senate agreed to raise the majority requirement for adoption of the Fischer amendment to 60 votes.

Vote Number: 
Senate Vote 14
Bill Number: 
S 1
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Rejected 54-45 : R 50-4; D 3-40; I 1-1