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Federal Employee Tax Debt – Passage


Chaffetz, R-Utah, motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would make individuals with a "seriously delinquent tax debt," including existing federal employees, ineligible for federal employment.The bill's definition of "seriously delinquent" would not include, for example, a debt that is being paid in a timely manner under an agreement.The bill also would allow the head of an agency to take personnel action, not including paid leave, against an employee if the employee has willfully failed to file a tax return or understated federal tax liability, unless it is due to reasonable cause.

Note: A two-thirds majority of those present and voting (284 in this case) is required for passage under suspension of the rules.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 157
Bill Number: 
HR 1563
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Motion rejected 266-160 : R 239-3; D 27-157