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Trade Promotion Authority -- Motion to Concur


Division III of the Ryan, R-Wis., motion to concur in the Senate amendment to the bill that would provide Trade Promotion Authority for trade agreements negotiated by the administration, under which they would be considered by Congress under expedited procedures without amendment, and would extend Trade Adjustment Assistance programs to help displaced U.S. workers. The portion of the Senate amendment covered by the division would authorize special "trade promotion authority" for congressional consideration of legislation to implement U.S. trade agreements, under which such agreements would be considered in Congress under an expedited process and would be subject to simple up-or-down votes so they could not be amended. The expedited authority would apply to trade agreements entered into before July 1, 2018, although the bill would allow for extensions. Note: Division I of the motion to concur, which covered a provision that would increase the sequester of Medicare for fiscal 2024, was considered agreed to pursuant to the rule. Division II of the motion to concur, which covered the Trade Adjustment Assistance section, was rejected by roll call vote 126-302. A "yea" was a vote in support of the president's position.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 362
Bill Number: 
HR 1314
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Motion agreed to 219-211 : R 191-54; D 28-157