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Disapprove Community Banking Rule -- Motion to Proceed


Schumer, D-N.Y., motion to proceed to the joint resolution that would provide for congressional disapproval of a May 2020 Office of the Comptroller of the Currency rule modifying criteria used to evaluate bank compliance under the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, which established a framework to evaluate and incentivize activities by banks to provide credit and make investments in low- and moderate-income areas. Among other provisions, the rule expands the list of qualifying community reinvestment activities and modifies criteria to determine deposit-based assessment areas for banks that do not rely on physical branches. The rule took effect on October 1, 2020. Under the provisions of the joint resolution, the rule would have no force or effect.

Vote Number: 
Senate Vote 201
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CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Motion rejected 43-48 : R 1-48; D 40-0; I 2-0