CCAGW Annual Ratings

2020 Congressional Ratings

Since 1989, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) has examined roll call votes to help identify which members of Congress have defended taxpayer interests and which have backed away from their promises of fiscal responsibility. The Congressional Ratings separate the praiseworthy from the profligate by evaluating important tax, spending, transparency, and accountability measures. CCAGW applauds those members of Congress who stand up for taxpayers and ignore the temptations of satisfying local or special interests. However, those who support a big-government agenda should be prepared to face the consequences for their spendthrift behavior.

CCAGW’s 2020 Congressional Ratings, for the second session of the 116th Congress, score 35 votes in the House of Representatives and 10 in the Senate. By comparison CCAGW rated 80 votes in the House of Representatives and 12 votes in the Senate in the first session of the 116th Congress.

CCAGW rates members on a 0-100 percent scale. Members are placed in the following categories: 0-19 percent, Hostile; 20-39 percent, Unfriendly; 40-59 percent, Lukewarm; 60-79 percent, Friendly; 80-99 percent, Taxpayer Hero; and 100 percent, Taxpayer Super Hero.

House and Senate Breakdown

For 2020, 16 senators and 80 representatives earn the coveted title of Taxpayer Super Hero by achieving the highest possible score of 100 percent. In 2019, two senators and 27 representatives received a perfect score.

For 2020, there are 33 Taxpayer Heroes in the Senate and 105 in the House of Representatives. In 2019, there were 14 Taxpayers Heroes in the Senate and 135 in the House.

At the other end of the spectrum in 2020, nine senators and 176 representatives have a score of zero. In 2019, 38 senators and 34 representatives had a score of zero.

Further Analysis

CCAGW also analyzed ratings based on party affiliation and House membership in the Republican Study Committee.

The averages were: Senate Republicans – 90 percent, up 26 percentage points from 64 percent in 2019; Senate Democrats, including Independents – 9 percent, up 5 percentage points from 4 percent in 2019; House Republicans – 92 percent, up four percentage points from 88 percent in 2019; House Democrats – 2 percent, the same as in 2019; House Republican Study Committee – 94 percent, up one percentage point from 93 percent in 2019.

CCAGW congratulates the members who stood by taxpayers and championed fiscal responsibility throughout the second session of the 116th Congress and encourages the constituents of the non-Taxpayer Heroes to demand better results from their elected officials.