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Waters of the United States – Passage


Passage of the bill that would effectively block the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers from finalizing or implementing a proposed rule regarding the definition of the "Waters of the United States" under the Clean Water Act. The bill would require the agencies to withdraw the proposal and develop a new rule with consultation from state and local officials and stakeholders. In consulting with state and local officials, the EPA and the corps would be required to seek to reach consensus on the definition of "waters of the United States;" preserve the primary rights and responsibilities of the states to protect water quality and control development of land and water resources in the states; and protect the rights of private property owners over natural and man-made water features.

Note: A "nay" was a vote in support of the president's position.

Vote Number: 
House Vote 219
Bill Number: 
HR 1732
CCAGW Position: 
Vote Results: 
Passed 261-155 : R 237-0; D 24-155